Buzz-wire games


A little while ago, I made these 5 portable buzz-wire games (remember- the classic battery powered science project, a steady-hand game with a wiggly wire you follow with a hand held wire hook, and a buzzer goes off when they touch). Well these games were for a serious customer, used for a fun excercise at a series of  seminars that Fonterra were doing with staff teams around NZ, so they had  to be played all at once by large groups of staff.

This presented some interesting design problems: there was 5 of them the same; they had to be fairly large to allows room for players to work together in a limited time slot; a big long bent aluminium pipe on each, and many plug-in connector handles. All this had to compact into a portable package. Each game had 4 players at any time, meaning 4 live wired handles connected by plug sockets to the base.





The bases were CNC cut in sections from marine Ply, logos laser etched, and then laminated together and hand finished. each game has the wiring & battery concealed in hollow spaces inside the base. Vinyl stickers provide final graphic elements.
The wiggly wires were hand- bent out of 1/4″ aluminium tube around a jig, and plug into the base and connect to the wiring.
All the 20 hand- pieces were made using smooth, shiny stainless bicycle spoke wire bent around a jig to create the conductive hooks, and the handles were modified from stock wooden file handles.
Big thanks to my collaborator/ co-builder Alex Guthrie who helped it happen in a very short time, and to The Open Fort for developing the concept, game elements and for getting me on board.


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