New studio space

After a very long gap in posting here, time for an update on my latest project.. as part of amping up my Joscat Craft creative practice this winter, I have begun fitting out my wee garage to use as a tiny workshop. It’s now up and running as a multi-purpose work-space. On one side is a bicycle toolwall with a workstand to repair vintage and classic bikes.. (lately I’ve been converting some 80’s MTBs into commuters).. and on the other side is a large all- round workbench ontop of which sits my stored sailing canoe (the boat is 90% finished.. on hold due to becoming a dad.. will post more about the boat later)..This bench I plan to continue developing to improve timber and tool storage underneath, and add a built in router table and carpentry vice.

Well it’s all running pretty well, I have some cool games-related wooden prop making jobs happening and some vintage signwriting may be on the horizon.. not to mention stuff I plan to build for my lil son.. 


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