MANAWA (my canoe has name).. build update


I have settled on Manawa. She will be called this in honour of the mangrove rich estuaries in which I feel most at home sailing. Pictured is a new 18mm thick triple layered ply web that the mast will go through- slightly different from some earlier mockups. After some time and consideration this seemed like the best solution for strength and simplicity; tying the gunnels and deck framing into a rigid unit. It will have a camber planed into it and a big hole cut through for the mainmast shortly.

I have made some recycled Qwila rubbing strips which I rip sawed from a 2.2 m decking plank  (pre-tapered). I then scarphed them with the fat ends together, creating a pleasant taper toward each end. Next they will be stuck in place onto the hull a the gunnells and just below witha sweeping tapered effect similar to a top- strake line.


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