Jan/Feb 2015 Sailing Canoe update


I’ve been making tentative steps into the world of filling and fairing. This was some of the first coat of dark brown underwater epoxy filler to the starboard side.Since then I’ve actually switched to a different compound (410 microlight) that’s easier to use and fine on a boat kept on dry land most of the time.


Here is yet another concept sketch I’ve drawn this evening on Photoshop, for the sail plan, with small adjustments to the proportion and detail of the batwing lugsails and a bit of colour visualising. When a boat project takes this long and you’re designing it yourself, one has to try and curb the exponential effect of refinement /changes of heart/ redesigning that happens along the way. Especially when most of the design is still in my head anyway.
high peaked lug3

And speaking of the design, Below is a small sample of the notebook sketching and flow of thought that is basically my crude visual notes. These are some brainstorming ideas of mast step construction details and an optional bowsprit racing-rig. This boat is designed and built intuitively, with very little in the way of mathematics and measurement. The only real technical drawing has been pencil and paper lines drawing of the hull form and a few rough sail plan geometry balance calculations. In the 1880s and 1890s era, many boats were still designed and built intuitively, with a few basic dimensions and sketches- only the people who did so would usually have had more experience and a pattern of learned construction details based on their father’s father’s father’s way. It’s just how I like to work on my own project, at my own (slow) pace. I have to make up the details from scratch to suit my design and the more modern epoxy-wood composite. It has turned into a creative/functional art process.

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