January toMarch: progress on The Boat

I’ve been slacking with my updates, so I just picked what I feel is the the most informative pictures from hundreds and hundreds of photos. I have the inside all smoothed out; centrecase finished (finally!) and glued in, though not totally braced up; the last patches of exposed timber outside fibreglassed; the inside of the hull sanded and the Bloody gunnells planed down to the correct bevel (..loads of blunted tools later) and the inside of the hull sealed with epoxy timber sealer. Even shimmed out the weird dip in the starboard sheerline.
AND today was the first time she touched the water for a trim and stability test (NOT officially launched yet- she still needs fairing and painting, decks, seats and rowlocks before people can see her).

1. Mocking up the Centrecase in position with potential idea for a knee represented by cardboard 2. Refining the centrecase form 3. centrecase looking better with rounded corners 4. front of case braced with a deck beam 5. The mighty Bosch multitool for removing nasty glue blobs 6.glue blobs cut back 7. centre slot primed with resin glue 8. gluey ccase ready to go in 9. Coffee stout to celebrate the centre case locked in to the hull 10. 11. Selecting some lovely demolition Oregon for the spars. 12. oregon beam getting de- nailed for slicing up on a freind's saw 13.priming the hull with sealant epoxy 14. 15. filling holes and sealing the cedar with epoxy. Note rear deck beam 16. 17. 2x2 oregon ready for shaping into a mizzen mast 18. using aanother cool powertool to cut tapers into the mizzen mast 19. tapered but still square. watch this space 20. fibreglassing the stem 21. fibreglassing the centre slot/ case juncture 22. all timber sealed up enough to get wet! IMG_1375 IMG_1377 IMG_1380 IMG_1382 IMG_1383 IMG_1387 IMG_1391 IMG_1394 IMG_1395 IMG_1396 IMG_1399 IMG_1404 IMG_1405 IMG_1408 IMG_1415 IMG_1417 IMG_1420 IMG_1421

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