canoe planking progress from before the holidays/ some doodling

08072013029 08072013028 batwing lug squat lug

Not much has happened, as it’s been between terms at the NZ Trad Boatbuilding School. So no night class/ no access to the workshop.


Here are some photos from 2 weeks ago of the second layer of planking getting glued on, and a few digital (!) sketches of potential sail plans. These are purely aesthetic sketches, from which I’ll pick the one I like most and tweak with some calculations to get the Centre of Lateral Resistance (CLR) and Centre of Effort (CoE) about right.


They are based very closely on the 1880s /90s canoe rigs- fully battened lugs that are easy to reef in a squall from the canoe’s cockpit- a little similar to Chinese Junk rigs, but developed specifically for the 1800s canoes.

If anyone has an old light weight sail or spinnaker I can cut up for sail fabric, please let me know!


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