Rib-replacement  boatbuilding class at NZTBS  

Last Friday I had the privilege to attend a day class at the fabulous and newly relocated New Zealand Traditional Boatbuilding School (NZTBS). The subject of this class was the replacement of steam-bent ribs (frames) in traditional kauri clinker boats.  Talented boatbuilder and tutor Paul Tingy ran us through theory of bracing up an old distorted hull, stripping out damaged ribs, steam bending white oak, riveting with copper boat nails and roves. Then we all had a go at the essential processes of rib replacement on a derelict old ’40s Percy Voss-built ship’s dinghy (possessed by the school for such … Continue reading  Rib-replacement  boatbuilding class at NZTBS  

Models for ‘Bin The Bag’ project (with The Open Fort)

This job brief was pretty simple, allowing my creative eye, recycled material passion and my hot-glue gun to go nuts. As part of a series of street- based games, demos and activities to educate public on South Auckland’s new council waste and recycling program, The Open Fort planned a tabletop-based game with a recycled aesthetic, where the player drives a tiny Radio controlled rubbish bin full of tokens.“..make us the little buildings the players had to drop things off at in the little remote control bin game. ..’Home’, the Supermarket, the Recycling Plant and the Tip”. And part 2 of the … Continue reading Models for ‘Bin The Bag’ project (with The Open Fort)

New studio space

After a very long gap in posting here, time for an update on my latest project.. as part of amping up my Joscat Craft creative practice this winter, I have begun fitting out my wee garage to use as a tiny workshop. It’s now up and running as a multi-purpose work-space. On one side is a bicycle toolwall with a workstand to repair vintage and classic bikes.. (lately I’ve been converting some 80’s MTBs into commuters).. and on the other side is a large all- round workbench ontop of which sits my stored sailing canoe (the boat is 90% finished.. … Continue reading New studio space